Sep 122010

Wow, I never though I’d get to post this, but our segmented run of Halo 2 is finally finished after 2 and a half long years. I, Scurty, Goatrope, NOKYARD, Louis Wu, and djDAP joined forces to finish Halo 2 on legendary in 1:30:29 using segments.

We’ve pulled out all the stops for this one, and you’ll see tricks and glitches you never thought possible, thanks to the power of segmenting.
Our run was verified by Speed Demos Archive, and you can check out the game page there.
You can Download the full run from SDA or, or you can view the individual levels here at High Speed Halo.
Included in the SDA and downloads as a second audio track is our commentary on the run. We think it is fun and informative, so you should give it a listen. To do so, just enable the second audio track in your video player. You probably want to disable the first track, or lower its volume as well. You can also download the commentary separately as an AAC Audio file.
Everybody here at high speed halo deserves thanks for this, and it was a true team effort.

Posted by: Cody Miller

From the SDA post.

This is a segmented speedrun of Halo 2 on legendary difficulty in 1:30:29. This project was over two years in the making, and was made possible by the efforts of everybody at and
The following runners contributed segments to the project;
Cody Miller
Louis Wu
Explanation of tricks:
Sword Flying: this trick is heavily abused throughout the course of the run. Only possible in Halo 2 1.0, you cannot perform this trick if you have updated to play on xbox live, or if you have the Vista version. If you switch from any weapon to the sword while hitting X to cancel the animation, the reticle will stay red for a fraction of a second while the sword comes up enabling you to lunge farther than you could otherwise. This is most useful with weapons like the battle rifle and sniper rifle, but it works with any weapon.
Sword Canceling: If you lunge normally with the sword but cancel with X, you keep your velocity while canceling the lunge. You can hold A to rise a bit to continue on past the enemy.
Superbouncing: If you jam yourself into a sloped surface, then jump onto a place where two polygons come together, the game thinks you are inside of it and shoots you upward to eject you.
Specific level notes:
Metropolis: The levels ends when the scarab pilots are killed, and they do not load until the scarab reaches a certain point. It doesn’t matter how fast you board it if you do so before this point.
Arbiter: The elites and grunts in the beginning are killed to skip a short segment of dialogue. In the room where the Heretic leader first appears, you can lunge at him with the sword and go through the glass if you have the PAL version of Halo 2. We did not use this trick since it is not possible on the NTSC version.
Oracle: The cables are on a timer; you cannot cut them until the dialogue for each is finished. Even though it looks as if time is being wasted, they are cut at the earliest possible moment.
Delta Halo: A bit of time is sacrificed to get the envy skull, but the ability it grants: for the Master Chief to be able to cloak, saves much more time throughout the rest of the run than it costs to pick up the skull.
Quarantine Zone: The sputnik skull saves time as well, so while we sacrifice time to get it, it’s more than made up for later. This skull makes explosions more powerful, enabling higher grenade jumping or launching.
Gravemind: Standing in the specific spot in the first room while getting a checkpoint will prevent several waves of brutes from spawning, which saves a lot of time.
Uprising: Falling over the level’s exit will normally result in death, but if you are in a vehicle, or if you reset the fall timer by either hugging a corner where two polygons come together, or by firing the fuel rod cannon downward, you will survive and end the level.
High Charity: By letting the elevator press you into the geometry, a similar result to superbouncing is achieved.
Great Journey: Going backward after the scarab cutscene then returning removes all the wraith drivers from the level. This saves time because the scarab can walk directly to its destination, and does not have to pause to kill the wraiths. or any other enemies along the way. By dropping the specter in a specific place, it can fall through the ceiling and into the final room. If johnson is riding on the specter, the game does not recognize him and spawns another. This is done until three Johnsons are spawned, making the Tartarus fight go much more quickly.
Thanks to:
Everyone at, and
Louis Wu

Halo 2 Done Segmented Legendary in 1:30:29

Aug 252010

(video takes a minute to load)

Cody Miller has secured his place in history by having his Legendary No-Deaths Halo 2 Speedrun featured in the 2007 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.
Congrats Cody, your magnificent run finally gets the recognition it deserves.
This run can be downloaded from

From the original HSH news item by Cody Miller:

Full game run on Legendary

Finally finished digitizing the tape, and the full game run on Legendary with zero deaths is up on The run is 3hrs 16 min by highspeedhalo timing, but by the Twin Galaxies timing it’s 3 hrs 28 min. For a more detailed description, check out the forum post.

There’s a high and low res version of the run. They can be downloaded from”

Other related news:

January 12, 2005 Link to this post

Cash prize for Legendary Speedrun
Twin Galaxies (a site devoted to game rankings) has issued a new collection of ‘bounties’ – cash prizes for gaming feats. One is Halo 2-related: complete Halo 2 on Legendary (faster than anyone else), win $150. Payout date is January 31, 2006, so there’s plenty of time to hone your skills. Full details can be found on their contest page. (The Halo 2 challenge is Bounty (105).) Several people noted this – Jonah was first.

May 27, 2005 Link to this post

Update on Twin Galaxies contest
Back in January, we mentioned a cash prize given out by Twin Galaxies (a game-ranking site) for a Legendary speedrun of Halo 2. HALOChat wrote to point out that the prize has increased (from $150 to $250), and a new ‘Special Rule’ has been instated – the Envy skull (which gives permanent invisibility) cannot be used. (This would suggest, however, that OTHER skulls CAN be used… hmm. Sputnik, anyone?) You’ll find the bounty on their Rules page – it’s Bounty (105), and I found it on page 10.

August 28, 2005 Link to this post

Now THAT is amazing.
We’ve mentioned the Twin Galaxies Legendary Run competition a couple of times before – yesterday, Cody Miller posted on our forum that he’d completed the challenge: Halo 2 on Legendary, with no deaths. All I can say is… wow. Read his post for details.

September 8, 2005 Link to this post

Legendary, no deaths – watch it
I hesitate to mention this, because the files are enormous… but hey, what the heck. A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned that Cody Miller had completed the Twin Galaxies Halo 2 Bounty – complete Halo 2 on Legendary difficulty, with no deaths… today, he posted a note that the finished run had been uploaded to There are two versions – a low-res, 800 mb copy… and a higher-res, 2 gb copy. (Yes, you read that right, 2 gigabytes. It is, after all, three and a half hours long.) QuickTime format. Amazing. Simply amazing. He makes it look almost easy… Update: For those having trouble with a direct download of the larger file, we’ve made it available via BitTorrent as well (with a chunk of seed bandwidth to boot). Remember – this puppy’s 2GB large.

August 15, 2006 Link to this post

Local Boy Makes Good
Looks like Cody Miller’s Legendary No-Deaths Halo 2 run (which won the Twin Galaxies Halo 2 Bounty earlier this year) has made the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records! Very cool. Thanks, Grande Carne.

December 14, 2006 Link to this post

Halo Base interviews Cody Miller
Legend, from Halo Base, sent word about an interview with Cody Miller, the Halo world speedrunning champion (heh). It’s primarily a discussion of his 3 and a half hour Legendary No-Deaths run that won this year’s Twin Galaxies challenge – it’s a fascinating read! (The Halo Base staff confused Cody with Mike Miller at one point, and Cody didn’t correct them directly, but otherwise, they got it right on.) It’s available in both English and German – read the one that’s easier for you!

Halo 2 Full Game Legendary No-Death in 3:16:28 by Cody Miller

Aug 182010


What should the words “invincible Sergeant Johnson” and “Legendary” remind you of? Well, a zero-shot speed run, of course! Ferlodergarnil has submitted a zero-shot run of Cairo Station, making full use of the fact that Sergeant Johnson is invincible. While this may sound like a easy thing to do, the run shows it is far from it. There are many close calls (check out the bomb room!), and lots of hide-and-go-seek. Go check out the 35:54 run!

Halo 2 Cairo Station Legendary difficulty Zero Shots in 35:54 by ferlodergarnil

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Aug 082010

With the flood of runs that been sent in these last few months, it seems that two have fallen through the cracks in my hard drive. If it weren’t for themann1086 & IrishMann313 submitting a new Cairo run (and a PM from Cody) I would have entirely missed them.

The first is from Ic1cLe who charges through Heroic in 7:18.

The next two are from The Brothers Mann. They attain the fastest time on the Level with an Easy run in 4:32, and refine their Legendary run to a near perfect 8:07.

Halo 2 Cairo Station 2 Player Easy difficulty in 4:32 by themann1086 and IrishMann313

Aug 082010

The Mann brothers, themann1086 and IrishMann313 are well known here. They hold more than 30 co-op records and prove they totally dominate Cairo Station by lowering the time, yet again, to 7:31. They also have a knack for filling Legendary blanks with the recent Oracle in 22:12, and Sacred Icon in 21:23.

The Tan brothers, Cold-PhuRy and Asniper are Chinese and hail from Singapore. They have filled the Arbiter Heroic blank with a 6:10 run and improved the Arbiter Normal time by 13 seconds to 4:12.

Brother Cloud and Brother Sephiroth are from England, while not technically brothers (they are friends), seem to run as if they were. The runs they have provided are two levels extracted from an impressive 2:10 Full Game Legendary run of Halo CE, which is why they did not revert after dying in the first minute of TB. The Library clocks in at19:19, and Two Betrayals at 25:26.

Halo 2 Cairo Station 2 Player Legendary difficulty in 7:31 by themann1086 and IrishMann313

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Aug 082010

The Mann brothers continue to chip away at their previous runs, bringing down their Heroic Cairo Station run by 3 seconds, and their Normal Gravemind run by 6 seconds. Their Cairo run is a feat to see!

Halo 2 Cairo Station 2 Player Heroic difficulty in 5:57 by themann1086 and IrishMann313

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Aug 082010

Jeff Cousins has sent me a killer speedrun, Cairo Station on Legendary in 9:22, nearly a minute improvement over my old run. It uses all the improvements discussed in the forums, and even a contains few completely new surprises. The play is very good; you have to see him pop two elites at once while dual wielding plasma pistols, then switch to the BR and headshot them both to believe it. There’s one death, but it costs him 5 seconds at most. I can tell you that having speedrunned this level, I think this run’s gonna be hard to beat.

Halo 2 Cairo Station Legendary difficulty in 9:22 by Jeff Cousins

Aug 072010

With the flood of runs that been sent in these last few months, it seems that two have fallen through the cracks in my hard drive. If it weren’t for themann1086 & IrishMann313 submitting a new Cairo run (and a PM from Cody) I would have entirely missed them.

The first is from Ic1cLe who charges through Heroic in 7:18.

The next two are from The Brothers Mann. They attain the fastest time on the Level with an Easy run in 4:32, and refine their Legendary run to a near perfect 8:07.

Halo 2 Cairo Station Heroic difficulty in 7:18 by Ic1cLe

Aug 072010

Skye24 submitted a run of Cairo station on normal in 5:17, knocking a bit of time of Cygnus’ old run, which has stood for just over THREE YEARS. I also think he’s done the best of entertaining me while waiting for the covenant to board. Nice balance!

Halo 2 Cairo Station Normal difficulty in 5:17 by Blizzard911 a.k.a. Skye24

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