Feb 272014


This tutorial shows how to despawn the enemies before the first door, a crucial trick for speedrunning.

Learn the count and jump right before the pod explodes. Be careful up there it is slippery.

Practice Makes Perfect.

Michael W Smith

Halo CEA Library Initial Despawn Jump Tutorial

Feb 212014


This tutorial shows you how to perform the famous Keyes shield bump. The trick enables you to skip over 80% of the level and basically skip to the end. Text bubbles explain every step of the way.

Practice makes perfect.


Michael W Smith

Halo CEA Keyes Shield Bump Tutorial

Sep 302012


Overall, I think the combat could be improved in several places; heroic difficulty was definitely forgiving.

I’m not sure what happened to the sound after the light bridge… seemed to fix itself after exiting the UNNATURAL cave.

Slight hiccup on my part at the rockslide area. Could probably clean up the hillside battle. (Haha, Pete Stacker and IWHBYD…)


Halo CE: Anniversary Halo (CEA) Heroic in 12:29 by ferlodergarnil

Sep 172012


There’s a noticeable delay in skipping the cutscene with Chief and Keyes compared to the old Xbox version. Aside from that, the Elites in the doorways did cause a bit of a jam.

Shout out to Slynki for coming up with the frag jump at the staircase and the dialogue skip before the maintenance accessway.


Halo CE: Anniversary The Pillar of Autumn (CEA) Heroic in 4:20 by ferlodergarnil

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May 232012


Legendary Classic Skulls, or LCS for short, is a new difficulty classification for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. In short, you play on Legendary difficulty, with the 6 returning skulls from previous Halo games. These skulls are: Iron, Mythic, Black Eye, Famine, Fog & Grunt Birthday Party.

Instead of LASO, LCS runs are what we’re interested in posting and keeping records for on Anniversary as a harder-than-Legendary difficulty. It’ll also give the game a new classification of run that is wide open for the taking, where other difficulties already have some very strong runs from the original game to be compared against.

The above video is RC Master’s first successful completion of a level in this mode as an example of the type of gameplay that can come from these settings. He has done the first level – Pillar of Autumn – and presents it as a guide with his commentary giving tips along the way.

Why not LASO?
Since Anniversary is a port of the original game, the developers were restricted a lot in what skulls they could add without having to fundamentally change the game – which would have ruined the point. So they added some entirely new skulls to flesh out the offering. In the process they added some more skulls on the ‘fun’ end of the scale, such as Bandanna and Grunt Funeral.

The problem from a LASO, speed-running perspective, is that infinite ammo makes things significantly easier than they would be otherwise. Apart from infinite pistols, you also get infinite Rockets, Sniper Rifles, and perhaps most importantly, grenades. The optimal strategy in many cases comes down to a heavy application of frags from afar. While it’s still hard, and with no deaths and tough enemies few people could still do it, it isn’t particularly fun to watch and the combat isn’t very complex or interesting.

Grunt Funeral is a pre-order only Skull – not everyone with the game has access to it. So that means not everyone can play LASO, learn from the speed runs, and apply it to their own gameplay – at least not directly.

Why these Skulls?
The question then is, if you take off Bandana and Grunt Funeral from the set you use for a Legendary+ difficulty, what other skulls do you keep? And perhaps more importantly, how do you communicate that rule-set in a concise and memorable way?

We believe Legendary Classic Skulls to be the answer to both those questions.

Halo Combat Evolved Legendary Classic Skulls Guide by RC Master

Nov 202011


So you’ve got Halo CE: Anniversary, and you notice there is an achievement for completing the Library on Legendary in under 30 minutes, and your CE skills are rusty, and Riptor’s run looks insane! Don’t worry, HSH has got your back!

This run aims to very quickly run you through some of the main tricks and skips that are common in speed running this level, in a style and at a pace that is more suitable to a guide. Some tricks are left out entirely, and for others, alternate choices are taken which are easier.

Since this is just for the achievement, and not a pure speed run, you can use whatever skulls you like! I reccomend the Bandana Skull (see this video for the location) as that allows you to save time by not having to look for ammo, and you can use grenades very freely.

Using this route, that means you have about 10 minutes spare for deaths / extra fighting and still get the achievement!

Good luck!

Note: While this run obviously also got the ‘That Just happened’ achievement, you don’t need Legendary for that one, and there isn’t a time limit. If you’re dying on Legendary, switch it down to Heroic.

Addendum: There is also a version with RC Master’s audio commentary here.

Halo CE: Anniversary Legendary Achievement: Speed Reader in 19:36 by RC Master