Feb 172014


This is a tutorial of various ways to skip the entire fighting portion of Rally Point Delta on Shutdown.
Of course coupled with the well known Alpha through Charlie skip found by NoWise10. Shutdown can be done in under 6 minutes with this skip.


Halo 4 Shutdown Super Launch Skip Tutorial by MichaelWSmith

Jan 312014



Shutdown Mythic SLASO No Shot Pacifist

Thank you Legendary Smile for showing us the launch.

the key here is shooting just for the area at the end of the pylon before  where the FRG Elite would be. that extra hang time takes up time.

another time saver is when at top wait till it looks as if you are dropping then jet boost. this brings you level with floor and bypasses the tendency to get stuck above for a few seconds.

needless to say the actual launch takes much practice but shoot for the very tip of the cantilever.

This speed run is also available for viewing on MichaelWSmith‘s YouTube channel.


Halo 4 Shutdown SLASO in 5:32 by MichaelWSmith