Feb 162014

As part of our ‘That Just Happened’ news feature we highlight speed runs from around the community which do not fit the strict and established World Record categories, but are otherwise very entertaining and informative. Here MichaelWSmith displays his SLASO prowess and presents his vision of how a Halo 4 SLASO Single Segment run could potentially be performed by placing his best Individual Level (non segmented) runs back-to-back.



This is a Full Game run on SLASO of Halo 4 in its entirety. It consists of 8 no-death segments representing the 8 missions. 6 of the segments are finished in world record time.

It comes in at a little over 2 hours.

This run contains ALL the current known skips glitches and rushes known to our community.


Halo 4 Full Game SLASO Segmented in 2:06:49 by MichaelWSmith

Dec 092012

Hey everybody! slYnki here with the first single segment speedrun of Halo 4:




For those who don’t know, a single segment run is where you start the game, and play until the end without stopping. I edited out all of the loadzones to make the run easier to watch, and to make it easier to render and upload. This run includes just about all of the tricks and shortcuts known thus far. You’ll notice plenty of nagging mistakes peppered throughout the run, but it’s more experience for me for when I decide to improve this, and more experience for my Halo marathon at the end of the year. I haven’t had a lot of free time in the past month, so I was happy to get a good attempt on film. This is the current time to beat for fastest completion of Halo 4.


Halo 4 Single Segment on Easy in 1:34:12 by slYnki