Feb 142014


I must say shaving 2 min off of Composer took some heavy practice. Took care of the 4 Apocalypse Elites in 4 seconds and the hunters went smooth as silk. Got lucky on the trigger for the next area via Legendary Smiles 1st airlock skip then bobbled a little after which cost me about 10 seconds. This route clearly could be sub 16 if this run is not adjusted for that. The 2 cloaked elites went smooth remember cloak and sprint in. My crowning achievement is shaving a full 2 min off the Mantis section. This route is smooth and safe and puts you at the door when objective lights. Needless to say my heart was beating a mile a minute right then.

Halo 4 Composer SLASO in 16:00 by MichaelWSmith

Feb 112014

This is the first user submitted Tutorial for our ‘That Just Happened’ news feature. It showcases several versions of a concise and repeatable method for dealing with 4 very nasty customers on Halo 4′s Composer performed in SLASO mode. Stick around for a bonus trick at the end.


This is tutorial on how to deal with the 4 Apocalypse Elites on Composer.
Repeatability is assured.


Tutorial – Halo 4 Composer 4 Elites of Apocalypse