Aug 082010


XBmaster improves his own Heroic run of Crow’s Nest with a time of 10:55. While the run uses a more optimized route through the barracks, the use of equipment in this video makes it a one worth sitting down and watching. A shield generator to provide a barrier to take down the drones and invincibility picked up from the brute chieftain are just half of the equipment tricks that help knock off over one minute and a half from the old run.

Halo 3 Crow’s Nest Heroic difficulty in 10:55 by XBmaster

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Aug 082010


XBmaster is back with another collection of awesome runs, this time switching his focus to Crow’s Nest with his co-op partner danc1005. With a sweep of Easy and Normal difficulty, he demonstrates a more optimized path on Heroic, even though it might take him a little closer to the brute chieftain’s hammer than desired. Go check it out!

Halo 3 Crow’s Nest Normal difficulty in 9:21 by XBmaster

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