Dec 022010


HighSpeedHalo welcomes an excellent first run by Vincent Kurayama, who tackles not just an empty Easy run, but a amazing SLASO run of Data Hive, beating the previous time by a whopping 11 minutes 48 seconds! Using the plasma pistol combo to full effect and great headshots to boot, Vincent Kurayama mows down all the Covenant he encounters. Despite this constant carnage, there is surprisingly a lot of sneaking around, more so then I would have thought possible in a SLASO run. With 2 brute chefitan ninja kills, combined with a box launch (halfway through a no-death run!) that skips a good portion of the level, this is defintely not a run to pass up. Enjoy!

Written by LotsofLuck

Halo 3: ODST Data Hive SLASO 21:00 by Vincent Kurayama