Mar 292011

A team of Mythic Conquerers and Mythic Enthusiasts teamed up and took down a 4-player Mythic run of Winter Contingency, successfully becoming the first-known team to beat the level on Quad-Mythic difficulty. That means ALL SKULLS and NO DEATHS.


I The Tyrant I
Call Me 7ravis

Tyrant (the player in the video and Mythic Guide Writer extrordinair) leads the charge on this unique run to not only take down a lucrative weekly challenge, but also to take the first step on what is known as ‘Quad Mythic.’ Thats 4 players, all skulls, legendary, and no deaths for any player. Good job guys!

Halo: Reach Winter Contingency 4 Player LASO in 23:55 by I The Tyrant I, SHADOWSTRIKE1, Sangheilioz and Call Me 7ravis

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