Aug 152010

From the High Speed Halo news post:

“Two new runs have been added to The Unique Runs Page this week. The Heretic Leader Battle in 1:20 and The Co-op Tartarus Battle in 2:12.

Sczee puts his Sword-Flying skills to good use by following the Heretic Leader into the ceiling vents. Just so you know, the Heretic Leader cannot take damage while he is talking.

The Co-op Tartarus Battle is from themann1086 and IrishMann313. In this battle Player 1 first provides sniper cover for Player 2, then switches to aerial cover.”

Heretic Leader Battle

Rules: Filming must start from the checkpoint after the cutscene that triggers when you enter the boss room, and must continue until a few seconds into the cutscene after the Heretic Leader dies. The Fuel Rod Gun from the previous level cannot be carried-over.

Halo 2 Oracle Legendary Achievement: Heretic Leader Battle in 1:20 by Sczee

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