Apr 062011

High Impact Halo.

You have been our home, hang-out, and host for 7 solid years. When i heard you were closing your doors (but leaving a window open) i decided to ask scurty and slYnki to keep this masterpiece under wraps and wait until a very special day for its release. They had no idea this would be the day i was referring to when the request was made. I thought it fitting to go out on a ‘High’ note with what i believe is one of our most astonishing feats, set in Halo CE, and crafted by two of our highly respected and talented trixters. Halo 1 Done Segmented is not some old rehashed speed runs with a new coat of paint. It is the state of the art in Halo speed running. There are more new tricks and speedups packed in here than you would find in a dozen variety vids (i maybe exaggerating a bit since i am drunk on tears right now).

Ducain, High Impact Halo, this is our gift to you. We <3 you. We salute you. We will miss you.


For those of you not familiar with segmented speed runs let me bring you up to speed. Segmenting is a form of speed run which is very common in other games. For High Speed Halo it is Legendary only, reserved for special projects, allowing one project per game, and only when the time is right. All speed runs are a balance of risk versus reward. Do you attempt an extremely tricky high risk launch, with the possibility of scrapping the entire run, but rewarding you with a 24 second savings? Or, do you play it safe and go the long way around? Segmenting removes risk from the equation, leaving you with pure, and highly entertaining, reward. Our only other Segmented project was Halo 2 Done Segmented in 1:30:29 performed by Cody Miller, Scurty, Goatrope, Louis Wu, djDAP, and myself.

slYnki explains it further here.

Hello everyone! Finally, after several months of waiting, scurty and myself are very proud to bring you Halo 1 Done Segmented.

With segmented runs you progress through a certain point in a game, then save. Then you load up that save and continue until you want to save again, rinse and repeat. In Halo’s case, these save points are Checkpoints. The intervening period between one checkpoint or save point and the next is called a segment. Segments can be as short as five seconds or as long as five minutes. Segmenting allows you to attempt certain sections of games as many times as you want until it’s perfect, which of course allows for far more precision and more insane tricks than you would see in a normal run. Splicing/editing and carried-over weapons are a requirement of segmented runs, but the run must be one continuous effort. You must start the Level, and run through to the beginning of the next Level. Then splice all of the good segments into one run. Splicing in segments from other runs is not permitted. When you have all your segments, you basically just paste them together to give the illusion that it’s played in one fluid motion, though you will notice the video skip at the start of each new segment. This is what scurty and I did for this project.

The back story to this project is mercifully brief, so you can dive into the run(s) quickly. After the completion of Halo 2 Done Segmented, the idea for a similar run through Halo 1 was up in the air, but never went anywhere. Then one day, long after H2DS was released, after a near two year absence from the community, scurty returned to the forum. Not long after, he sent me a private message asking if I wanted to work on a secret project with him, and I agreed immediately. We tossed up a few ideas, but eventually settled on a segmented run through Halo 1 on Legendary, being that Halo 2 received the same treatment. We started testing levels that same day, and just under two months later, Halo 1 Done Segmented was complete.

Two months is a surprisingly short period of time, which is not proportionate to the amount of effort we put into this. Even though the both of us lead busy lives, we still managed to find the time to work on this project every single day for almost two months. Whether we were discussing routes and tricks or testing levels even briefly, we were at it every day. I expected the both of us to go mad within days, but we stayed enthusiastic through it all, even the low points. scurty definitely ran into a few segments that frustrated him (including one that took three days to get right), and more than a few frustrated me. But we never went at each others throats, and I don’t remember a point where we considered giving up or even taking a break, because we were always having fun, and now our hard work has paid off. Enjoy!


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You may also revisit specific Levels of this speed run by viewing the run on our YouTube channel and selecting the Level in the description.


Halo CE Done Segmented Legendary in 1:16:43 by slYnki and scurty

Sep 122010

Wow, I never though I’d get to post this, but our segmented run of Halo 2 is finally finished after 2 and a half long years. I, Scurty, Goatrope, NOKYARD, Louis Wu, and djDAP joined forces to finish Halo 2 on legendary in 1:30:29 using segments.

We’ve pulled out all the stops for this one, and you’ll see tricks and glitches you never thought possible, thanks to the power of segmenting.
Our run was verified by Speed Demos Archive, and you can check out the game page there.
You can Download the full run from SDA or, or you can view the individual levels here at High Speed Halo.
Included in the SDA and downloads as a second audio track is our commentary on the run. We think it is fun and informative, so you should give it a listen. To do so, just enable the second audio track in your video player. You probably want to disable the first track, or lower its volume as well. You can also download the commentary separately as an AAC Audio file.
Everybody here at high speed halo deserves thanks for this, and it was a true team effort.

Posted by: Cody Miller

From the SDA post.

This is a segmented speedrun of Halo 2 on legendary difficulty in 1:30:29. This project was over two years in the making, and was made possible by the efforts of everybody at and
The following runners contributed segments to the project;
Cody Miller
Louis Wu
Explanation of tricks:
Sword Flying: this trick is heavily abused throughout the course of the run. Only possible in Halo 2 1.0, you cannot perform this trick if you have updated to play on xbox live, or if you have the Vista version. If you switch from any weapon to the sword while hitting X to cancel the animation, the reticle will stay red for a fraction of a second while the sword comes up enabling you to lunge farther than you could otherwise. This is most useful with weapons like the battle rifle and sniper rifle, but it works with any weapon.
Sword Canceling: If you lunge normally with the sword but cancel with X, you keep your velocity while canceling the lunge. You can hold A to rise a bit to continue on past the enemy.
Superbouncing: If you jam yourself into a sloped surface, then jump onto a place where two polygons come together, the game thinks you are inside of it and shoots you upward to eject you.
Specific level notes:
Metropolis: The levels ends when the scarab pilots are killed, and they do not load until the scarab reaches a certain point. It doesn’t matter how fast you board it if you do so before this point.
Arbiter: The elites and grunts in the beginning are killed to skip a short segment of dialogue. In the room where the Heretic leader first appears, you can lunge at him with the sword and go through the glass if you have the PAL version of Halo 2. We did not use this trick since it is not possible on the NTSC version.
Oracle: The cables are on a timer; you cannot cut them until the dialogue for each is finished. Even though it looks as if time is being wasted, they are cut at the earliest possible moment.
Delta Halo: A bit of time is sacrificed to get the envy skull, but the ability it grants: for the Master Chief to be able to cloak, saves much more time throughout the rest of the run than it costs to pick up the skull.
Quarantine Zone: The sputnik skull saves time as well, so while we sacrifice time to get it, it’s more than made up for later. This skull makes explosions more powerful, enabling higher grenade jumping or launching.
Gravemind: Standing in the specific spot in the first room while getting a checkpoint will prevent several waves of brutes from spawning, which saves a lot of time.
Uprising: Falling over the level’s exit will normally result in death, but if you are in a vehicle, or if you reset the fall timer by either hugging a corner where two polygons come together, or by firing the fuel rod cannon downward, you will survive and end the level.
High Charity: By letting the elevator press you into the geometry, a similar result to superbouncing is achieved.
Great Journey: Going backward after the scarab cutscene then returning removes all the wraith drivers from the level. This saves time because the scarab can walk directly to its destination, and does not have to pause to kill the wraiths. or any other enemies along the way. By dropping the specter in a specific place, it can fall through the ceiling and into the final room. If johnson is riding on the specter, the game does not recognize him and spawns another. This is done until three Johnsons are spawned, making the Tartarus fight go much more quickly.
Thanks to:
Everyone at, and
Louis Wu

Halo 2 Done Segmented Legendary in 1:30:29

Sep 102010

Ties the Easy time!

You can tell my sword flying work is sloppy in this video, HUSH!!! Nothing else really to say, the path is the exact same as it is on Easy. Just for those who forget, it’s necessary to kill those two elites at the beginning in order to have the elite with the sword (and other weapons at other times) spawn. I thought this would be a restart after I missed the first sword cancel, luckily I still got on! – Scurty

Halo 2 Regret Normal difficulty in 9:58 by Scurty

Aug 182010

scurty shows that you don’t need to fire a single shot or use any ‘nades to complete the a run of The Silent Cartographer, and in so doing sets a new Pacifist record. He gets through the door only after a few tries, makes an amazing dash for the invisiblity, and gives ‘Goldie‘ a little taste of warthog. All told, its just 5:49.

Halo CE The Silent Cartographer Legendary Pacifist 5:49 by scurty

Aug 182010

From the original High Speed Halo News Post:

Scurty has submitted seven solids runs that show his mastery of Halo, from Easy to a No-shot on Legendary. While many of these runs appear to already have a decent time, Scurty blows that idea away with a combined improvement of over 2 and half minutes. If you haven’t watched these runs, they are not ones to miss! Keep ‘em coming!

First is a Normal Halo (CE) run in 12:26. Then he tackles the Silent Cartographer, first on Easy in 3:58, and then on Heroic in 4:01. Next comes Assault on the Control Room, first on Easy again in 5:44, but then he does a Zero Shot Legendary run in 6:06. Heroic Keyes comes down to just 2:47, and finally, Halo 2′s Delta Halo gets a new 2:55 on Easy.

Halo CE Assault on the Control Room Legendary difficulty Zero Shots in 6:06 by scurty

Aug 182010

From the original High Speed Halo News Post:

Scurty’s at it again, this time with 2 runs of Sacred icon on Legendary. The first, is a pure speedrun done in 10:41, 22 seconds faster than the previous. The next, is a ZERO SHOT run, done in just 12:33! (Almost 2 minutes faster than the level’s first speedrun!)

Halo 2 Sacred Icon Legendary difficulty Zero Shots in 12:33 by Scurty

Aug 182010

Spotcheck, where are you? Scurty’s totally dominating Keyes, and you’re the only other one to do the shield bump! Scurty furthers his monopoly on Keyes by bringing the Legendary run down to 2:49. This run is also a Zero Shot run.

Halo CE Keyes Legendary difficulty Zero Shots in 2:49 by scurty