RC Master

Staff member of HighSpeedHalo. Mythic Completer in Halo 3, ODST, Reach & Halo 4 (Legendary, All Skulls On, No Deaths). Has many speed run records. From UK.

Jan 122014


Dawn was the second mission I did on LASO in Halo 4. The biggest problem is keeping your shields up so you can successfully engage all the Elites in melee Combat. I had a hell of a time in previous attempts dealing with the second Elite in the Observation Deck – he would run around, always be aware and whenever I tried to EMP him he would kill me so fast! This time, I got really lucky and he went on the perfect cycle really quickly. In Co-op LASO that bit is super simple since you can take one each, of course. If you hate tricks, this is probably the 2nd easiest (after Shutdown). But if you like tricks, then Reclaimer is easier.

Halo 4 Dawn LASO in 14:23 by RC Master

Sep 052013


RC Master brings us the first sub-8 run of Winter Contingency from Halo: Reach with this run on Easy in 7:59.

I don’t usually speed run on lower difficulties anymore because the runs are so often beaten. But I noticed it had been nearly 2 years and no-one had actually submitted a run for this slot. So I looked at the qualifying runs I could find, beat them, and submitted this to round-out the table.

~ RC Master

Halo: Reach Winter Contingency Easy in 7:59 by RC Master

Jul 102013


Although completed, on 9th August 2011, RC Master wasn’t completely happy with this 32:09 epic through the Long Night of Solace on Legendary All Skulls On – so it wasn’t submitted. But a record is a record, and no-one had come close to beating it in more than a year (the next two fastest runs were both RC’s as well) so finally he submitted it. Now, we have assured that he won’t hold-out on us on such interesting runs in the future. Isn’t that right RC?

I promise not to hold-off on submitting runs in the future.
~ RC Master

Good. ;)

Note: You can also view this speed run with RC Master’s full commentary on his channel HERE.

Halo: Reach Long Night of Solace SLASO in 32:09 by RC Master

Oct 012012


RC Master gets the troopers on New Alexandria to do all the shooting for him, ending up with a 14:09 Legendary Zero Shot run.

Figuring out ways to effectively use the gunners on your Falcon to do all the work for you was quite a fun task. You have to alter your flying style dramatically to get them to hit the targets you want since their range is much shorter than yours.

One of the funnest encounters, for me, was the approach to Vyrant Tower; sweeping back and forth across the entrance, getting the troopers to kill the FRG Shades for me. :)

Speaking of Vyrant, that is also where I lost a lot of time: My gunner got killed as I was rushing in the door so I had to destroy it and call for a new one. Otherwise I would have had zero offensive capabilites at all!

Unfotunately I also got Buck as a side objective which usually accounts for a good minute or two.

As with most Alexandria runs: more luck = more speed.

~ RC Master

Featured on Halo Waypoint

Halo: Reach New Alexandria Legendary Zero Shot in 14:09 by RC Master

Jul 122012


To celebrate Bungie Day (July 7th) 2012, RC Master decided to run through the whole of Reach on Legendary with 11 Skulls on (No Iron or Blind)! Game time is exactly 3 hours 33 minutes!

As he describes in the intro to the video, this is roughly equivalent to the difficulty you are required to play on for the LASO Weekly Challenges. The video comes in at just under 4 hours (including loading and cutscenes) and you can see him doing it live with a little picture-in-picture view of him – which he uses to provide commentary on the run as he does it.

There are a few deaths during the run (8 in all) but only one costs him any real time and most are just unlucky. None of the individual levels are as fast as the single-level LASO speed runs he and others have done – but these are all back-to-back on the day!

The gameplay on the first level, Winter Contingency, starts 6 1/2 minutes in.

If you don’t feel like watching the whole thing in one go, the timestamps for the various levels are in the YouTube description.

Enjoy! And Happy Bungie Day!

EDIT: Bungie actually left a comment on this video using their YouTube account:

You look spry, my man, and focused. Thanks for playing. You make it look easy.



As seen on Halo.Bungie.Org.

Halo: Reach Full Game LASO Challenge in 3:33 by RC Master

May 232012


Legendary Classic Skulls, or LCS for short, is a new difficulty classification for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. In short, you play on Legendary difficulty, with the 6 returning skulls from previous Halo games. These skulls are: Iron, Mythic, Black Eye, Famine, Fog & Grunt Birthday Party.

Instead of LASO, LCS runs are what we’re interested in posting and keeping records for on Anniversary as a harder-than-Legendary difficulty. It’ll also give the game a new classification of run that is wide open for the taking, where other difficulties already have some very strong runs from the original game to be compared against.

The above video is RC Master’s first successful completion of a level in this mode as an example of the type of gameplay that can come from these settings. He has done the first level – Pillar of Autumn – and presents it as a guide with his commentary giving tips along the way.

Why not LASO?
Since Anniversary is a port of the original game, the developers were restricted a lot in what skulls they could add without having to fundamentally change the game – which would have ruined the point. So they added some entirely new skulls to flesh out the offering. In the process they added some more skulls on the ‘fun’ end of the scale, such as Bandanna and Grunt Funeral.

The problem from a LASO, speed-running perspective, is that infinite ammo makes things significantly easier than they would be otherwise. Apart from infinite pistols, you also get infinite Rockets, Sniper Rifles, and perhaps most importantly, grenades. The optimal strategy in many cases comes down to a heavy application of frags from afar. While it’s still hard, and with no deaths and tough enemies few people could still do it, it isn’t particularly fun to watch and the combat isn’t very complex or interesting.

Grunt Funeral is a pre-order only Skull – not everyone with the game has access to it. So that means not everyone can play LASO, learn from the speed runs, and apply it to their own gameplay – at least not directly.

Why these Skulls?
The question then is, if you take off Bandana and Grunt Funeral from the set you use for a Legendary+ difficulty, what other skulls do you keep? And perhaps more importantly, how do you communicate that rule-set in a concise and memorable way?

We believe Legendary Classic Skulls to be the answer to both those questions.

Halo Combat Evolved Legendary Classic Skulls Guide by RC Master

May 192012


RC Master originally submitted a speed run on Heroic difficulty PoA that was much slower than this. He soon realised he could to better and cut nearly a minute off that run, to present you with the 12:08 you see today!

In his own words:

Lower difficulty, more Speed.

Also: must… speed run… get. rid…. of… bad runs… that… i. made! ARGH!!

~RC Master

Halo: Reach The Pillar of Autumn Heroic in 12:08 by RC Master

May 182012


RC Master returns again to Sword Base on Legendary, cuts what little fat remains, and brings a new time of 7:41!

In his own words:

The biggest problem with ONI: Sword Base on Legendary compared to Heroic is that you only get 2 Target Locator shots for the entire mission. So even if you were to rush to the gate, you’d have to sacrifice either time or get lucky somewhere else.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be improved however, and I take a few tricks from the Heroic run to make this happen: better fighting in the courtyard, grabbing the Rockets on the way out rather than back in, being more aggressive in the parking lot and finally knowing where the enemies are coming from better in the broken part of Sword at the end.

Luckily on Legendary the Elite in the security hallway carries a Concussion Rifle, so I can use this to scale a pillar next to Jun and don’t have to deal with any enemies in the Atrium.

~ RC Master

Halo: Reach ONI: Sword Base Legendary in 7:41 by RC Master

May 162012


RC Master just won’t leave his own runs well enough alone: he’s back on Exodus Legendary, this time coming home with a time of 13:06.

In his own words:

After getting a Heroic run that was so much faster than my previous Legendary run, I didn’t feel happy with leaving the old 13:45 on the table. So, using what I had learned from the Heroic run, and being far more aggressive on the fighting, I managed to cut some 39 seconds off my old time.

~ RC Master

Halo: Reach Exodus Legendary in 13:06 by RC Master

Oct 292010

Halo: Reach Tip of the Spear Legendary difficulty in 9:03 by RC Master

Halo: Reach Tip of the Spear Legendary difficulty in 9:03 by RC Master