Aug 072010


Moving on to 401,679 points on Crow’s Nest. Seemingly riding the wave of momentum from Sierra, Pahis takes us from beginning to end, and absolutely runs over everything in his way without a seconds hesitation. In the moments Pahis can spare between dodging a barrage of grenades and avoiding being shot to death, he’s squeezing out every little or large bundle of points he can get his hands on. Some of the points he’s awarded are mind boggling, especially when you realize they’re being multiplied by three. With two simple assassinations, Pahis gets more points than most people do throughout the entire level. His final tally is larger than what most people can probably manage in two play throughs. Maybe three. (NOTE: The run gets dark around 10:17. Happens when you don’t move your controller around for awhile. It stops at around 11:50.)

Halo 3 Crow’s Nest High Score 401,679 by Pahis

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Aug 062010

I’ve got a bunch of new SLASO runs from Pahis here, all of which are pretty impressive. The first one I’ve encoded is Halo in 12:26, which is quite close to my own record time on legendary. The only difference is of course, Pahis is playing with no HUD, half ammo, a shield that doesn’t recharge, and all the other handicaps associated with ‘Mythic’ difficulty.

There’s some cool ideas in this run for sure: a grenadeless jump up the spire, the saving of the rocket launcher for after 343GS is killed, and some changes in the driving route that you might appreciate if you’ve driven it as much as I have.

Halo 3 Halo (H3) SLASO in 12:26 by Pahis

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Aug 062010

Halo 3 The Storm SLASO in 9:53 by Pahis

Halo 3 The Storm SLASO in 9:53 by Pahis

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