Nak3d Eli

Dec 162011

Blaze through the ONI: Sword Base LASO Weekly Challenge in just 10 minutes with this tutorial. Strategies also apply to the L.D. ONI Daily Challenge as well as speedrunning on Legendary.

To clarify, Blind skull is disabled per challenge rules so this is “LASO Challenge” difficulty with HUD. It’s the fastest run of its kind, and I compare it to RC Master’s 12:48 Blinded LASO run for fun since the difficulties are essentially the same.

Nak3d Eli

As Eli says, here on HSH, LASO is literal: ALL Skulls on or bust. But we’ll still post fast LASO Challenge runs as they can pave the way for improvements to the LASO run itself by demonstrating that the enemies can be overcome faster – even if Blind puts a dampener on the efforts.


Halo: Reach ONI: Sword Base LASO Tutorial in 10:04 by Nak3d Eli

Sep 102011

This tutorial shows you how to blaze through the Pillar of Autumn LASO Weekly Challenge in less than 20 minutes. Strategies also apply to the L.D. Pillar Daily Challenge. Blind skull is disabled as per new challenge rules.

Big thanks to the Mythic Community, especially The Tyrant and RC Master, for many of the tips and tricks represented in this video; and CHRISPUCKITT for helping me discover new strategies.

~Nak3d Eli

Halo: Reach The Pillar of Autumn LASO Tutorial in 18:43 by Nak3d Eli

Aug 312011

Co-op Dash - 30343cR

Clear any Campaign mission on Heroic, in co-op, in 9 minutes or less.

This is a 4P Heroic semi-speedrun of Nightfall for the Weekly Challenge Co-op Dash.  It includes a 2-for-1 on the Gúta and commentary with fun edits.  I think the video and audio quality turned out excellent.  Let me know what you guys think; I’ll be rolling out tons of Challenge Guide videos in the next few weeks as a part of my job so I’d appreciate any feedback.

~ N8ked Eli

You may also view this video on N8ked Eli’s YouTube channel NAK3DHALO

Halo: Reach Nightfall 4 Player Co-op Dash in 3:34 by Nak3d Eli, WaX E FR35H, Bito922, CHRISPUCKITT

Sep 112010

N8ked Eli conquers another Halo 3 level, this time improving The Storm No-shot run by an astounding 9 minutes and 40 seconds! He throws caution to the wind and barrels past the first set of enemies, leaving his turret gunner to take care of any stragglers. He even ditches his warthog to reach the first Cortana transmission faster. If you weren’t watching too closely, you would think this was a shooting speedrun of The Storm, as N8ked Eli takes out the Scarab much the same way similar runs have done so, beating towards distruction with just a pistol. He goes onto to use a route first used by slYnki to skip the final waves of enemies, destroying the AA-gun when trigger the checkpoint. Very impressive work.

-Written by LotsofLuck

Halo 3 The Storm Legendary Difficulty Zero Shots in 9:55 by N8ked Eli

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Sep 102010


N8ked Eli comes in with an impressive first submission of a Zero-shot for The Covenant clocking in just under half an hour. He begins his journey strolling past the opening waves of enemies until he reaches the Ghost before the first tower. He has a brief dance with a Hammer Brute Chieftain, and then does his best to turn his Hornet into a jet-ski. There are some very intense moments near the second tower navigating the Turret Chieftain and invisible brutes with a limitted supply of grenades. N8ked Eli takes out both Scarabs with relaitve ease, and patiently waits for the his temporary Flood firiends to clear the corridor to Truth. Alas, this friendship is short-lived, as on his return trip is ends up  smacking them in the face with a Brute Hammer and finishing the level with ease, thus proving the saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend, until he decides to kill me”.

-Written by: LotsofLuck

Halo 3 The Covenant Legendary Difficulty Zero Shots in 29:31 by N8ked Eli

Sep 082010

I have a complaint about this run!

Yes, it is Legendary, and All the Skulls are On. Yet, i fail to see how this can be considered a Solo run.

In the first part of the Mission you play good cop to Sadie’s Story’s bad cop. Then, Dare takes over as your co-op partner. And, if that’s not enough, by the time you near the Mission’s completion it starts to look like a scene from The Hobbit with your rag-tag group of weather worn travellers.

All kidding aside. This SLASO run kicks some serious Smaug. – NOK

Halo 3: ODST Data Hive SLASO in 32:48 by N8ked Eli

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Aug 082010

This one is brought to you by N8ked Eli, and let me tell you, this is one impressive run. In fact, it’s directly responsible for the current state of my jaw, which is currently ajar and hanging just above the floor. I can’t spoil this video for you. You just have to watch it. You’ll be glad you did.

Halo 3 Cortana Legendary difficulty in 7:28 by N8ked Eli

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