"Masterminding my way to the top"

May 022012

This new SLASO run from MunKK1 is 4 whole seconds slower than the equivalent on Legendary. Don’t know what could have held him up so long.

So, while you’re getting that 12,000cR challenge this week, you can have a crack at cutting out all that time he wasted!

This run improves the previous one by 16 seconds. In truth, without recharging shields, MunKK1 cut out an extra grenade jump at the very start that so he could make it past the first settlement alive (even if the Tilt Skull does reduce the damage).

If you need help with the Weekly Challenge, check out Tyrant’s LASO Challeng guide for the level.

Halo: Reach Nightfall SLASO in 3:19 by MunKK1