Sep 072010


It may have taken 3 years but we finally have a single player Legendary run of The Covenant. There are a few unfortunate deaths, including being caught in the Scarab teleport glitch, but it is still a stunning run to watch.

Halo 3 The Covenant Legendary difficulty in 15:46 by Maluu

Aug 082010

Maluu has completed an amazing run of Crow’s Nest on Legendary, in 10:32. You really have to see the way he deals with the drones. You really have to see the way he crosses the gap before the elevator. You really have to see the way he takes out the jetpack brutes. You really have to see the way he arms the bomb. Basically, you really have to see this run. With skills like his, did Miranda REALLY have to blow up the base?

Halo 3 Crow’s Nest Legendary difficulty in 10:32 by Maluu

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Aug 062010

Consider this a work-in-progress. Maluu originally did not want this run to be seen because he is not happy with the final battle. Up to that point this is comparable to his Crow’s Nest run as one of the best and most entertaining runs from Halo 3. Right from the drop from the Pelican, every jump, slide and step he makes will astound you. He uses two main strategies. The ‘leave the area before they even know you were there’ strategy is used for a good portion of the run. Then he switches to ‘complete domination with weapons’ when they do know he is there. You must not miss his stunning method for taking down the Scarab, or how quickly he gets to the Cartographer from there. This run is close to flawless up to the final Brute battle where he falls one second behind and is not in the correct position to take out the Chieftain. He does manage to improvise a finish but you should stop watching at the top of the last stair case and wait for the completed masterpiece.

Halo 3 The Ark Legendary difficulty in 14:45 by Maluu