May 262011

KroKus wasn’t happy with his previous run for Heroic Winter Contingency, so he had another go at it and sliced off 8 more seconds!

In his own words:

I’m like The [NOT]Master of descriptions… But hey, here goes.

Basically i took the SLASO (and/or Legendary?) route, straightened it out for Heroic use and just winged it. In my opinion it turned out ok, but I hate the Falcon too much to make it perfect.

And on a side-note: If i beat the S117 record again, can I keep it? :P

~ Krokus

We’ll talk about that after you beat it KroKus ;)

New time is 8:40!

Halo: Reach Winter Contingency Heroic in 8:40 by KroKus

May 112011

Krokus brings us our first Solo Heroic speedrun of Reach! Here is his run of Winter Contingency in under 9 minutes!

1:46 -At the first structure, he opts to jump neatly through the window and up the stairs rather than jumping over the gap. 2:35 -Then at the first group of Covenant he headshots the first Grunt he can see and hops up the ramp to run down the right side of the next area.

Once in the SPADE, as you might expect, he goes straight for the low-hovering Falcon and knocks it out of the sky with his Plasma Pistol. He whips it around the South side of the mountain and nestles it safely between the arms of the Spirit Dropship to push him through the invisible barrier.

He suffers a lot of damage going through the barrier, so when he clears out the first group of enemies at the relay outpost, he hops out to grab a health-pack and DMR. Luckily, he does this section fast enough to not get trapped in the Falcon and hops out and into the door.

8:15 – Krokus decides to not let the Concussion Zealot get away; making a good grenade bounce across the room to weaken his shields and then finishes him off with a DMR. He plows through the remaining Grunts and Jackals in the area with ease.

9:05 – He lobs a grenade to catch the Grunts in the final room. Then jumps across to meet the Sword Zealot head on; easily dispatching him with a Noob combo.

Junction reset in 8:48!

Halo: Reach Winter Contingency Heroic in 8:48 by KroKus

Oct 252010

KroKus continues to iteratre on Easy SP ONI Alpha Site, beating his own previous run by 13 seconds, finishing in 8:46. Through better positioning and improved no-scope pistol kills, KroKus even throws in a slide jump inside the ONI Complex and manages to give the Needler some love too.

Written by LotsofLuck

Halo 3: ODST ONI Alpha Site Easy difficulty in 8:46 by KroKus

Sep 132010

The last time we saw KroKus, he was Flare/Hammer jumping into the back of a Pelican on Seirra 117. It seems that particular Pelican never made it to Crows Nest, and instead landed him in front of the ONI Alpha Site in ODST. To make the best of it, he smashes my Easy solo record while he’s there!

The click, click, click of the bridge’s charges gets the run rolling, then he slides into courtyard and proceeds on to kick all kinds of ass. Check out the Laser double kill on a Hunter and a Brute! With some smart weapon management, and precise knowledge of the Phantoms’ drop locations, he’s up the hill, grabbed his rocket, and is stepping inside just as the doors open. I reckon the only reason the Marine’s think they can’t hold any longer is because KroKus exited the fight!

Inside its a similar mix of expert weapon usage and intimate knowledge of the spawn locations which means the Covenant rarely make it down the first set of stairs. When they do, KroKus is quickly on hand to show them why they shouldn’t have tried!

Mickey is left dumbfounded at the speed with which the two Phantom drop squads were killed; as it takes him a few seconds to realise they’re gone!

Up the lift,  smash the remaining enemies in a similarly quick and explosive fashion, and he’s ready for his next flight. Eager to get out, he meets it early with another assisted jump for a final time 1 second shy of 9 minutes.

Lets just hope this Pelican doesn’t take as long to reach its next destination! Welcome back KroKus!

-Written by: RC Master

Halo 3: ODST ONI Alpha Site Easy difficulty in 8:59 by KroKus