Jeff Cousins

Aug 182010

From the original High Speed Halo News Post:

A very appropriate quote indeed.

Jeff Cousins brings us a one-two punch on The Arbiter. The first is an efficient and very well thought-out 4:27 Legendary run, which is over a minute faster than the old time. The second, a Zero-Shot run that is only a few seconds slower; 4:36. Watching both runs is highly recommended.

Halo 2 The Arbiter Legendary difficulty Zero Shots in 4:36 by Jeff Cousins

Aug 082010

Jeff Cousins has sent me a killer speedrun, Cairo Station on Legendary in 9:22, nearly a minute improvement over my old run. It uses all the improvements discussed in the forums, and even a contains few completely new surprises. The play is very good; you have to see him pop two elites at once while dual wielding plasma pistols, then switch to the BR and headshot them both to believe it. There’s one death, but it costs him 5 seconds at most. I can tell you that having speedrunned this level, I think this run’s gonna be hard to beat.

Halo 2 Cairo Station Legendary difficulty in 9:22 by Jeff Cousins