Aug 072010

This is pretty cool. Insidi0us, over at the MLG forums posted a speedrun of the Silent Cartographer on normal. What’s cool however, is that it’s 3:53 in length, and has some EXCELENT grenade work. All the tricks seem to be doable on legendary as well. Anybody want to try THAT for Halo Under 2*?

This run got front-paged at HBO too!


*Halo Under 2 was a HSH community project to bring the time for every level on single player Legendary in Halo CE down to a combined 2 hours, or less. If you look at the current times, we clearly succeeded. :)

Halo CE The Silent Cartographer Normal difficulty in 3:53 by insidi0us

Aug 062010


InsidiOus’s Two Betrayals run is a Legendary 17:23  long. He plays the level REALLY well; with particularly impressive weapon selection and grenade use. It’s VERY entertaining to watch! In fact, this is one of our recommended runs!

Halo CE Two Betrayals Legendary difficulty in 17:23 by Insidi0us

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