Insetik 47

Sep 142011

Insetik 47 skips past the beach, launches into space, and guts a Corvette on Normal in 15:09.

In his own words:

I’m sending this run really late considering when I did it (6 months!), but I’m obviously not beating this or anything. I can say that I was inspired by SlYnki’s easy run where he skipped the beach firefight, so credit to him for the next day or two that followed.

BEACH/FACILITY: I need to get up to the facility as fast as I can, getting a plasma pistol along the way. I had a bit of trouble getting the plasma pistol, but didn’t fall behind enough to miss the battle skip. How this works is that the trigger for starting the ‘unskippable’ battle in front of the facility is the white elite from the drop pod existing for a second or so. Existing, bad word, but if I kill the elite fast enough, the battle is skipped and the door just opens to let you in. I grab the sword in the launch base and get into the Sabre.

SABRE STUFF:lalalalala, get through controls ASAP, then line the banshees up for a multi… I messed this up, you can pretty much get them all in a row at the right angle. Other than that, it’s all you basically. For the phantoms, take them from left to right (of Anchor 9).

IN THE SHIP: Just watch my amazing thinking on the fly during this part. When charging the bridge, I, uh, completely forgot how to fight good and put some elites on my tail. Then, the bridge went pretty bad. On the way back, I ran into those elites again and apparently forgot I had a DMR. I don’t know how much time i lost per se, but I should learn to fight better. Last battle went amazingly, though. Clear everyone, rocket the jackals, grenade the second wave, rocket the third wave, run up, rocket the elites, then send a rocket across to the last elites and cleanup the survivors.

In the end, no one knows how perfectly the Sabre fights can go, so I’m just going with my gut that these seemed fast. This will give Long Night a legendary run and a normal run, so you can see both speed and persistence.

~ Insetik 47

Halo: Reach Long Night of Solace Normal in 15:09 by Insetik 47

Sep 142011

Insetik 47 brings us the first Normal difficulty run of Tip of the Spear. It clocks in at 6:56.

In his own words:

I actually did this before Mr Monopoli found a better way up the BXR buiding, so you’re treated to me failing the old way. Still, this is really fast because I got the Hunters to die in the second anti-air gun explosion, which is pretty rare.

~ Insetik 47

Halo: Reach Tip of the Spear Normal in 6:56 by Insetik 47

Jun 302011

Inspired by recent developments on this level, Insetik 47 sets out to better himself on Winter Contingency, Normal Difficulty. He makes up for the boring falcon ride by using his monstrous hops to slide jump down to the first beacon before skipping it. Not one to wait, he runs through and around buildings before taking his much-needed plasma pistol and speeding off again.

He uses his grenades to boost him forward, steals the falcon with as little delay as possible, and positions himself to escape the level. He also makes sure to kill his fellow marines to make NOBLE Team’s fight as tough as possible, and also to prevent them winning too quickly and locking the runner in the falcon. After getting into the outpost and chasing some Elites, Insetik 47 relights the beacon after 8 minutes and 16 seconds of gameplay.

Halo Reach Winter Contingency Normal in 8:16 by Insetik 47

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May 172011

In this Speed Run, Insetik 47 sets the time as 3:20 for Easy on Nightfall in Halo Reach. This Speed Run uses the forklift gate skip trick to avoid a forced fight, and uses an early grenade jump over a hut to save time. Along the way, little changes, except for missing an assassination on an elite and then having him thank Insetik by following his forklift to the gate. Other than that, Insetik simply rushes through the level to avoid the curse of added seconds.

You can also watch this run on the Insetik47′s YouTube channel.

Halo Reach Nightfall Easy in 3:20 by Insetik 47

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May 172011

In this Speed Run, Insetik 47 runs through Nightfall in Heroic difficulty in 3:21. He is just one second off of his Easy and Normal time, but considering that a small bit of killing now has to be done, this is more than reasonable. Along the way he punches a Moa to the ground; so that’s a plus! While no skulls are used in this run, the path is perfectly doable for any daily/weekly challenges that ask for a campaign mission to be done with skulls, which would usually be on ‘Heroic or higher’.

You can also watch this Speed Run on the Insetik47′s YouTube channel.

Halo Reach Nightfall Heroic in 3:21 by Insetik 47

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May 162011

Insetik 47 takes on Nightfall on Normal, scoring a time of just 3:20; the fastest on the level! This Speed Run utilises two main tricks to get this fast time: first, he uses a grenade jump to get onto a building in the first area and take a small shortcut. Later, as you’ve come to expect on Nightfall, he glitches through the gate with the Forklift that normally only opens after a forced fight.

This Speed Run is also available to view on Insetik47′s YouTube channel.

Halo Reach Nightfall Normal in 3:20 by Insetik 47

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