Aug 182010


From the original High Speed Halo News Post:

Ic1cle marks his Speedrunning debut with a No-Shot run on Outskirts. Besting the previous run by 18 seconds. New time is 4:51. He follows up with a nice Easy run on High Charity in 4:26, it’s a bit dark, but you can see enough to figure out what’s happening.

Halo 2 Outskirts Legendary difficulty Zero Shots in 4:51 by Ic1cLe

Aug 072010


With the flood of runs that been sent in these last few months, it seems that two have fallen through the cracks in my hard drive. If it weren’t for themann1086 & IrishMann313 submitting a new Cairo run (and a PM from Cody) I would have entirely missed them.

The first is from Ic1cLe who charges through Heroic in 7:18.

The next two are from The Brothers Mann. They attain the fastest time on the Level with an Easy run in 4:32, and refine their Legendary run to a near perfect 8:07.

Halo 2 Cairo Station Heroic difficulty in 7:18 by Ic1cLe