Jul 052011

Same as the Easy run. Can still take more time off this one. ~ GevarM96

Run notes: Their strategy is an excellent example of utilising the extra person in co-op to split the duties when there are multiple objectives to be achieved in the same area, and combining their fire to make fights go quicker. One goes for one FRG Shade and the other the other one. One destroys the Tyrant AA gun while the other kills the surrounding enemies.

Video notes: The video for this run uses our (relatively) new process for capturing 2P runs where a single camera is switched between the two players to give you a good view of the important action without compromising on screen size or aspect ratio. Leave feedback on this style of shooting in this thread.

Halo: Reach Tip of the Spear 2 Player Normal in 7:03 by GevarM96 and GewehrM48

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Jun 162011

[flv width="640" height="744"][/flv]

We have our first Achievement: Short Night of Solace run. Performed by the dynamic vehicle duo GewehrM48 & GevarM96.

Just simply kill everything as fast as possible and be waiting for them when enemies jump in. You want to kill the first two waves in about 30 seconds each which will bring in the third wave after 2 min. The Phantoms trigger the the end for the mission but I think you pretty much have to kill almost all of the third wave (banshee/seraph mix) before the phantoms will come. Kill the phantoms fast (2 salvos of missiles to take out) and the last wave that jumps in shortly after the phantoms will turn around and jump out once they enter. We seemed to have better results still killing enemies when they were leaving so Anchor 9 will stop shooting with there defenses and trigger the waypoint to dock.

~ GewehrM48

Halo: Reach Achievement: Short Night of Solace 2 Player in 3:57 by GewehrM48 and GevarM96

May 132011

You may remember Gevar and Gewehr from their dynamic and highly coordinated 2 Player Tsavo Highway adventures in Halo 3. Well, they’re back with a new 2 Player run; this time on Halo Reach’s Tip of the Spear!

In their own words:

Off the start you can get the Pelican to come in under 30 secs by killing the Grunts in the Turrets, so RC Master was right about them being the trigger. Only the grunts need to be dead so throw a frag at the turrets and they will get out and kill them fast.

When going through the mining facility on easy it is faster to up past the jackals and over to the zealot on the pipes rather than trying to go under.

For the last AA gun you have take out the hunters and wraiths as fast as possible once the AA gun is gone to trigger the falcon to come. Stealing a wraith is the best way.

To get to the spire we sprint to the left and take the truck and then killing all enemies at the top is quickly is key to finish fast.

The final time for this run on the in-game timer is 7:02!

A note from NOKYARD
This Speed Run features Scripted switching between the 2 players to enable viewing of the best action at any given moment. Let us know your opinion of this new format for viewing 2, 3 & 4 Player Speed Runs.

Halo: Reach Tip of the Spear 2 Player Easy 7:02 by GevarM96 and GewehrM48

Aug 082010

SCA883 and GevarM96 keep producing stellar Tsavo Highway runs, and these two runs are no different.

First, they match their run time on Easy with a new run on Normal that almost exactly matches. Seriously, test it out for yourself, they are pretty similar.

Next, they improve their Legendary with a run that really proves the title. The Arbiter dies 3 times in the run, but they are all in an effort to distract the enemy, and get a faster run. Oh wait, did I forget they manage to clear the barriers with half of a 360-flip?

Halo 3 Tsavo Highway 2 Player Normal difficulty in 3:13 by GewehrM48 and GevarM96

Aug 082010

Halo 3 Tsavo Highway 2 Player Easy difficulty in 3:13 by GewehrM48 and GevarM96

Halo 3 Tsavo Highway 2 Player Easy difficulty in 3:13 by GewehrM48 and GevarM96

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