Aug 182010


This isn’t going to happen very often. After literally hundreds of tries, Flechette has finished a zero-shot Legendary run of Quarantine Zone. Not only is it the time record for Unique runs, but at 8:13 it also beats the normal Legendary time by almost 20 seconds! Now get back to work on Gravemind! :)

Halo 2 Quarantine Zone Legendary difficulty Zero Shots in 8:13 by flechette

Aug 082010


Flechette’s done the Gravemind in 9:54 on Normal, which is a 1:15 improvement over the old, already impressive run. Flechette’s truly the master of sword lunging, using it to traverse great distances, as well as smaller ones, but they all add up to big savings. I’m still amazed by some of these acrobatics.

Halo 2 Gravemind Normal difficulty in 9:54 by flechette

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