Sep 302012


Overall, I think the combat could be improved in several places; heroic difficulty was definitely forgiving.

I’m not sure what happened to the sound after the light bridge… seemed to fix itself after exiting the UNNATURAL cave.

Slight hiccup on my part at the rockslide area. Could probably clean up the hillside battle. (Haha, Pete Stacker and IWHBYD…)


Halo CE: Anniversary Halo (CEA) Heroic in 12:29 by ferlodergarnil

Sep 172012


There’s a noticeable delay in skipping the cutscene with Chief and Keyes compared to the old Xbox version. Aside from that, the Elites in the doorways did cause a bit of a jam.

Shout out to Slynki for coming up with the frag jump at the staircase and the dialogue skip before the maintenance accessway.


Halo CE: Anniversary The Pillar of Autumn (CEA) Heroic in 4:20 by ferlodergarnil

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Aug 182010


What should the words “invincible Sergeant Johnson” and “Legendary” remind you of? Well, a zero-shot speed run, of course! Ferlodergarnil has submitted a zero-shot run of Cairo Station, making full use of the fact that Sergeant Johnson is invincible. While this may sound like a easy thing to do, the run shows it is far from it. There are many close calls (check out the bomb room!), and lots of hide-and-go-seek. Go check out the 35:54 run!

Halo 2 Cairo Station Legendary difficulty Zero Shots in 35:54 by ferlodergarnil

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Aug 082010


Cheese4u32 and Numbnuts9 continue their sweep of AotCR runs, with a submission on both Heroic and Normal difficulty. They even throw in a grenade jump mirrored off of scurty’s recent AotCR. Could they do an easy run? (Edit: turns out they can ^.^)

Also, we received a submission from ferlodergarnil, who has previously only submitted to Full Path Halo runs, but now submitted a Full Path Halo run that beats a current time (all be it by 1 second), but who’s counting? Go check it out.

Halo 2 Quarantine Zone Normal difficulty in 8:20 by ferlodergarnil

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