Sep 132010


Say hello to ExtremeYoshiFan, who finally gets himself on the board with a Heroic run of Uplift Reserve. Seeing as this was the final solo slot open for this level, this makes the level now solo-complete! He gets it done in 2:41.

The route is fairly familiar; get to the Warthog, race to the Ghost, then over the hills and into the city. He makes a few small edits to the route, but nothing too major. He doesn’t need to kill anyone in this run either! Which makes this one of the most pacifist levels in the game!

This level seems to be quite a popular level for first time runners. Any new duos care to take some co-op slots?  :)

- Written by: RC Master

Halo 3: ODST Uplift Reserve Heroic difficulty in 2:41 by ExtremeYoshiFan

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