Ensnared Cadaver

Feb 272014


Sekela and I improve the existing WC Easy co-op record by 57 seconds. It can still definitely be faster, and we will eventually improve it.

This speed run is also available for viewing on TermaciousTrickocity‘s YouTube channel.

Halo Reach Winter Contengency 2 Player Easy 7:51 EnsnaredCadaver and Supersekela

Mar 292011


The co-op duo of Ensnared Cadaver and BishopOfAngst are back, this time on Kikowani Station on Normal!

Theres no de-loading of the enemies in the first area in this run. Instead, Ensnared and Bishop absolutely murder the opposition with a pincer from a Banshee and a Beam Rifle.

Being in a pair has the advantage of being able to go for multiple objectives at once. In the second area, this means Bishop blasts the Squid house while Ensnared guns for the door.

I have to say; its pretty cool watching two Banshees duck under the doors in unison!

At the pair of locked doors just before the Scarab, Ensnared waits patiently in his Banshee while Bishop hits the switch. This then allows Ensnared to boost through the hall and past the Scarab towards the final door long before Bishop is able to claim a new Banshee.

With all this put together on top of the usual single player route, together Ensnared Cadaver and BishopOfAngst manage to get their final time to be just 4:13. Thats 13 seconds faster than the equivalent single player run!

Check it out for yourself. – By RC Master

Halo 3: ODST Kikowani Stn. 2 Player Normal difficulty in 4:13 by EnsnaredCadaver & BishopOfAngst

Mar 292011


BishopOfAngst and EnsnaredCadaver race through Kikowani Stn co-op in an impressive 4:12 using every last trick they could.

They start off with some impressive running and gunning to the Banshees along with some expert killing in them to make the Phantom go faster through that area. They race on through to the second portion killing the “squid house” along the way to prevent the Phantom from stopping unnecesarily to kill it, wasting time.

They then go through to the third area racing through it to the locked door section and using some great teamwork they make short work of this section and go straight on through to the final area, bypassing the Scarab and finishing the level.


Halo 3: ODST Kikowani Stn. 2 Player Easy difficulty in 4:12 by EnsnaredCadaver & BishopOfAngst

Mar 292011


After submitting excellent runs for Legendary, Easy and Normal difficulties on Kikowani Stn. there was just one wrinkle left on the board: my old Heroic run that had the same time as his new Legendary run. Not content with letting that old run sit there, Ensnared Cadaver has brought us a new run that clocks in eight seconds faster than mine. His new time of 4:28 brings it nicely in between the times of the runs on the adacent difficulties.

All the tricks and maneuovres you’ve come to expect are here: a slide jump and run right underneath the engineer that makes it look easy. A quick destruction of the first ‘Engineer House’ to get the Phantom to move up. Smooth flying between the doors. And of course, skipping the Scarab fight entirely!

He makes the run to the do -or swtich through the group of Covenant look like an absolute breeze!

Written by: RC Master

Note: Once he’s in the Banshee, you can skip ahead to 2:30 to get back into the action.

Halo 3: ODST Kikowani Stn. Heroic difficulty in 4:28 by Ensnared Cadaver

Mar 292011


EnsnaredCadaver and his co-op partner BishopOfAngst are back to fill in the last co-op slot on NMPD HQ; Normal difficulty. With this  5 minute, 40 second run, Ensnared Cadaver now has his name on all of the usual record slots for this level! Impressive stuff!

If you’ve seen any other of this pair’s fantastic runs before, this is right along the same lines. Ensared Cadaver up front, BishopOfAngst providing cover fire. Its all smooth running right up to the crashed pelican. At the Pelican, its tag-team killing time! Two ODSTs with Rocket Launchers can sure decimate a group of Brutes quick!

Written by: RC Master

Halo 3: ODST NMPD HQ 2 Player Normal difficulty in 5:40 by EnsnaredCadaver & BishopOfAngst

Mar 292011


You might be forgiven for thinking you’ve already seen this run before here on HSH. It is indeed very similar to this duo’s run of the same level on Easy difficulty. But no, its a different run. This time on Normal difficulty.

The increased increased health means the Covenant aren’t quite as easy to put down as they were, which gives them a little bit of extra trouble in their spawn killing antics in the final area. Nevertheless, their loadzone manipulations have already got them most of the way there, and they end up only 2 seconds off their Easy time and still remain neatly under 4 minutes.

With this 3:59 run by Ensnared Cadaver and BishopOfAngst, there is only one co-op slot remaining for this level: Legendary!

Written by: RC Master

Halo 3: ODST Kizingo Blvd. 2 Player Normal difficulty in 3:59 by EnsnaredCadaver & BishopOfAngst

Mar 042011


In their now classic co-op run style, runners Ensnared Cadaver and BishopOfAngst take on Tayari Plaza in Halo 3: ODST on Heroic difficulty.

Ensnared Cadaver leads the charge in as straight-line a path as he can manage, while BishopOfAngst decks any foes that might interfere with his buddy, from a little further behind.

It seems like Ensnared is taking fire for the entire run, but with careful footwork to put objects between him and the Covenant, he manages to survive. Bishop, unfortunately, suffers a couple of deaths during his admirable efforts as a marksman and as an additional pin-cushion for the Covenant fire. No matter though; since he can Bro-spawn in during the lulls, it doesn’t slow down the run.

Its not the fastest run we’ve seen on this level,  but it is on Heroic, and they still manage to neatly undercut Ensnared’s equivalent Solo run by 1 second. Final time is 2:08.

With this run, there are 2 remaining slots in co-op Tayari Plaza: Easy and Normal. Anyone up the for the challenge of beating the solo times on Co-op?

Written by: RC Master

Halo 3: ODST Tayari Plaza 2 Player Heroic difficulty in 2:08 by EnsnaredCadaver & BishopOfAngst

Dec 122010


Last time EnsnaredCadaver and BishopOfAngst were here, it was on Legendary in 6:32. Fortunately, this time, their stay is shorter in this comparatively relaxing Heroic difficulty run.

Its safe to say that EnsnaredCadaver knows a thing or two about speedrunning this level; his name lights up the board for all slots except SLASO and High Score. Thats why he (on top screen) takes the lead through this level while BishopOfAngst (bottom screen) provides covering fire from behind. As you’ve come to expect; the first few minutes is a straight-line dash through the first few areas of the level, with thier nice tier-skipping grenade jump thrown in for good measure.

When they regroup at the Pelican’s crash site, its time for co-op missle pod action! Ensnared on the left, and Bishop on the right. Nothing lasts very long – especially when they concentrate two Rocket launchers’ worth of power on a single squad of enemies.

Bip, Bap, BOOM! Level done in 5:47.

Written by: RC Master

Halo 3: ODST NMPD HQ 2 Player Heroic difficulty in 5:47 by EnsnaredCadaver & BishopOfAngst

Nov 292010

Halo 3: ODST Data Hive 2 Player Heroic difficulty in 12:29 by Ensnared Cadaver & Rorcin

Halo 3: ODST Data Hive 2 Player Heroic difficulty in 12:29 by Ensnared Cadaver & Rorcin

Sep 112010

Halo 3 ODST Tayari Plaza 2 Player Legendary difficulty in 2:28 by BishopOfAngst and Ensnared Cadaver

Halo 3 ODST Tayari Plaza 2 Player Legendary difficulty in 2:28 by BishopOfAngst and Ensnared Cadaver

Sep 072010

Halo 3 ODST NMPD HQ 2 Player Legendary difficulty in 6:32 by Ensnared Cadaver and BishopOfAngst

Halo 3 ODST NMPD HQ 2 Player Legendary difficulty in 6:32 by Ensnared Cadaver and BishopOfAngst