Aug 152010


EndofWho’s gone and improved his Maw run, with an astonishing 1:52:96 left on the timer. Xbox players may have a hard time beating this Halo PC run, as EndofWho uses the precision of the mouse to squeeze through and maneuver the warthog through some very tight places.

Maw Run

Rules: Player must not die. Must be on Legendary. Filming must start from the checkpoint at the top of the elevator shaft and must continue until a few seconds into the ending cutscene. In-game timer must be visible.

Special rule: The time on this run is measured by the time left on the in-game countdown timer, not total run time. Thus, a run with a longer listed time is faster.

Halo CE The Maw Legendary Achievement: Maw Run 01:52.96 by endofwho