Jul 252012

cyph9r offers us the very first score run in Halo: Reach with a run of Exodus with 92,691 points!

In his own words:

I did this on Heroic with all the skulls on besides Blind and Mythic.

I got a few nice combos and multikills in the landing pad room and shot down a few banshees.

Hijacking the wraith made killed the last wave of brutes and chieftains a lot easier.

Halo: Reach Exodus High Score 92,691 Points by cyph9r

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May 092012

Managed to knock eleven seconds off the previous best by using the grenade launcher at the beginning. I know for a fact that I could go sub 7 mins if I get the concusion rifle aswell.

Gunna keep trying as always, in the meantime, enjoy.

Halo: Reach Tip of The Spear Heroic in 7:13 by cyph9r

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May 072012

EMPing hogs, Target Locating Phantoms, and a whole lotta running.. .

Altogether, cyph9r cuts 20 seconds off ONI: Sword Base on Normal difficulty, bringing it under 6 minutes! The new time to beat is 5:59.

In his own words:

I used the target locator on the wrath to speed up the run slightly. All went perfect besides the jump onto the shelve at the end. It took 3 attempts, lost about 8 seconds. I could go faster.

I’m gunna use the same technique on my easy run.

~ cyph9r

Halo: Reach ONI: Sword Base Normal in 5:59 by cyph9r

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Apr 292012

cyph9r has been speed running Reach for close to year (he is the one that found the infamous ‘Banshee Hospital skip’), but has only just recently got XBL to be able to share his runs with the world. He brings us the first Easy difficulty run on New Alexandria. At just 7 minutes 52 seconds, it is also the fastest run of the level, but he assures us he can do better!

In his own words:

I was hanging around a bit too long after the hospital so i could shave a least 20 seconds more off.

Still not a bad time though.

~ cyph9r

Not bad indeed!

Halo: Reach New Alexandria Easy in 7:52 by cyph9r

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Dec 032011

cyph9r shows that Dark Devastation’s recent improvement to this level certainly isn’t as fast as you can go, and promises even faster runs in the future!

In his own words:

I optimized the time i was in the elevator room and the landing pad room. And shaved 5 seconds of the current best.

I have some work to do to get to my very best.


His is slightly more aggressive in his fighting and movement throughout, leading to a lot of dead Covenant very quickly.

Exodus Easy is now just 10:07.

Halo: Reach Exodus Easy in 10:07 by cyph9r