Aug 182010


Oh, and did I mention luck?

This run is from the days of custom soundtracks, commentary, and fast-forwards, and as such there’s two things to note about this run: Bonekin is on hand to guide us through step by step, and there are fast-forwards. The commentary part means not much input is needed from me, but the fast-forward part means theres no official time.

Dispite no time, its still an interesting 18 and 1/2 minutes as Bonekin weaves through the the crashed Pillar of Autumn; making liberal use of grenades to clear a path. He has a close call with a flood combat form in the fire hallway of the engine room, and almost has to restart when he misses his grenade toss into one of the cores, twice! After getting to the lift though, he’s home free, just about!

Halo CE The Maw Legendary difficulty Zero Shots by BoneKin