T3h Boar

Feb 162014


Sloppy run in the beginning part but I manage to grab the trip there instead of later at the SOI cutscene. I mess up on the box launch after the cutscene and almost die from flood. I add a new box launch down the hallway. Finally manage to survive the final launch but then mess up on the final slide jump. Time can be almost around 3:25 or lower prolly.

Halo 3 Floodgate Easy in 3:33 by T3h Boar

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Aug 052010


In Sierra 117, some fancy brute-shot work as well as a perfectly timed equipment jump to clear the gap shaves off a few seconds off the previous time. He also gets a luck break and slips by the flood on the crashed ship on Floodgate. In the Covenant, he ditches the warthog in favor of the mongoose, and makes an incredible flare equipment-jump to a blind activation of the second elevator. My eyes are still hurting.

Halo 3 The Covenant Easy difficulty in 11:40 by Boargasm

Mar 102010


Boargasm has another run for us to enjoy. This time he’s running Floodgate on easy. This run is jam packed with some tricks that are equal parts insane and crazy. Oh yes, double your insanity. I hope you’ve gotten used to not blinking, because should you make that mistake, you’ll be missing out. Give this amazing piece of work a watch.

Halo 3 Floodgate Easy difficulty in 3:52 by Boargasm

Mar 102010


First off we’ve got Boargrasm’s easy run of the Storm, who has been patiently waiting for his run to be posted. He run improves on the already well optimized path by taking out the first anti-air wraith and getting back into his ghost all the while being blinded by a flare. You can also see a Bubble Shield being sent to low-earth orbit similar to Numbnu75′s blooper, proving that this is actually somewhat a common occurrence.

Halo 3 The Storm Easy difficulty in 6:12 by Boargasm

Mar 102010


Just in case you forgot how Halo 3 started, MrMonopoli, KroKus & Boargasm will be happy to remind you with three great speedruns of the opening levels. MrMonopoli starts it off with our first Heroic run of Sierra 117, bringing it one step closer to Full House Status with some fancy dancing around the brute Chieftain. He passes off the torch to KroKus, who somehow manages to get the flare from the brute chefitan, and jumps up the pelican from the other side of the river. Last but not least, HighSpeedHalo has received another great run from Boargasm, who breaks the 9 minute barrier in single player for Crow’s Nest. How does he do it? Well, I think the equipment jump over the chasm might have something to do with it.

Halo 3 Crow’s Nest Easy difficulty in 8:57 by Boargasm