Jun 162011

[flv width="640" height="744"]http://files.mythica.org/halo/highimpacthalo/highspeed/Reach/LongNightOfSolace/ShortNightofSolace2P3-57GewehrM48-GevarM96.mp4[/flv]

We have our first Achievement: Short Night of Solace run. Performed by the dynamic vehicle duo GewehrM48 & GevarM96.

Just simply kill everything as fast as possible and be waiting for them when enemies jump in. You want to kill the first two waves in about 30 seconds each which will bring in the third wave after 2 min. The Phantoms trigger the the end for the mission but I think you pretty much have to kill almost all of the third wave (banshee/seraph mix) before the phantoms will come. Kill the phantoms fast (2 salvos of missiles to take out) and the last wave that jumps in shortly after the phantoms will turn around and jump out once they enter. We seemed to have better results still killing enemies when they were leaving so Anchor 9 will stop shooting with there defenses and trigger the waypoint to dock.

~ GewehrM48

Halo: Reach Achievement: Short Night of Solace 2 Player in 3:57 by GewehrM48 and GevarM96

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