Sep 072010

Our first entry for the new Legendary Achievement: Calamity!!!.

Do you have a faster toboggan? If so, give this new and exciting run a try.

Halo 3 The Covenant Legendary Achievement: Calamity!!!

One Player and 2 Player Legendary, Start a new game game at Rally Point Bravo (no carry-overs), Blast through the driving section and take down the two Scarabs (NO driving shortcuts over the rock wall). End the film just after 343GS finishes exclaiming “Calamity! If only we had more time.“.Time will be based on the in-game timer at the end of the word “Calamity” but, please start a fresh game (no restarts) each time.

Halo 3 The Covenant Legendary Achievement: Calamity! in 2:29 by Gocnak

  2 Responses to “Achievement: Calamity! How fast is Your Toboggan?”

  1. Interesting. When I tried this, I had always ‘HALO’ed onto the back of the Scarabs and let the Hornet fall off the side for retreival. Apparently that was where I was going wrong!

    Couple of notes:
    There is a theoretically possible (i.e. I’ve done it with deaths) route straight down the mountain. Taking the left past the Turret emplacement and cutting tight into the turn, then jumping smoothly over to the left of the big jump (i.e. to where the Prowler will be milling about, not towards the sniper tower) then keep tight on the right next to the mountain, turn slightly left behind the two ghosts that come out and speed around the back of the rock the wraith is next to. But you have to be going VERY fast, do it VERY smooth, and of course, its VERY dangerous.

    With the second scarab, I found that a grenade tossed into the corner as you enter and caught in behind the core’s shielding could do a massive amount of damage and help you take that one out slightly quicker. Its a slightly tricky throw though, the first time I did it was an accident!

    Grabbing the Hornet again after the second Scarab will allow you to more easily mop up any stragglers and prevent The Arbiter from running off down the platform to set you up for:

    Kill The Arbiter! Give him a couple of melees to knock off his shielding, then cap him one in the head just as he starts speaking to cut him off. This will make Guilty Spark say his line quicker and, of course, complete the challenge quicker!

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