Mar 042011

In their now classic co-op run style, runners Ensnared Cadaver and BishopOfAngst take on Tayari Plaza in Halo 3: ODST on Heroic difficulty.

Ensnared Cadaver leads the charge in as straight-line a path as he can manage, while BishopOfAngst decks any foes that might interfere with his buddy, from a little further behind.

It seems like Ensnared is taking fire for the entire run, but with careful footwork to put objects between him and the Covenant, he manages to survive. Bishop, unfortunately, suffers a couple of deaths during his admirable efforts as a marksman and as an additional pin-cushion for the Covenant fire. No matter though; since he can Bro-spawn in during the lulls, it doesn’t slow down the run.

Its not the fastest run we’ve seen on this level,  but it is on Heroic, and they still manage to neatly undercut Ensnared’s equivalent Solo run by 1 second. Final time is 2:08.

With this run, there are 2 remaining slots in co-op Tayari Plaza: Easy and Normal. Anyone up the for the challenge of beating the solo times on Co-op?

Written by: RC Master

Halo 3: ODST Tayari Plaza 2 Player Heroic difficulty in 2:08 by EnsnaredCadaver & BishopOfAngst

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