Aug 142012

Halo: Reach Winter Contingency Heroic in 8:28 by MindOverBody
In the runner’s own words:

Still not a solid run in my opinion i would say 8:23 or better would be a very strong time.


This is the first run recorded with the new Elgato Game Capture HD.

The bundled software acts like a PVR so i can record several runs at a time without having to stop and export after each run. It also uploads the video directly to the HSH Youtube channel with a single click. This will considerably speed up the processing of runs.

The video was (HDMI) captured in h.264 at 12 Mb/s but the unit can go as high as 1080P @ 20Mb/s (although i don’t think it’s necessary to record at 20Mb/s for a 720p source, i’m going to do it anyway). Let me know how it looks by posting in the forum.

Winter Contingency Heroic in 8:28 by MindOverBody