Apr 302012


Hi Guys,

I completed this run a while back but have never gotten around to submitting it. Not much to say really, the beginning of the run is very sloppy as I missed a crucial laser shot. I also get unlucky with a marine stealing my BR before getting in the hornet. Other than that it's a pretty decent run. I'm not gonna lie this was a very difficult run to pull off but it's definitely improvable. Anyway hope you enjoy.

Halo 3 The Covenant Legendary in 14:55 by Cheeseliker92

Apr 292012


cyph9r has been speed running Reach for close to year (he is the one that found the infamous ‘Banshee Hospital skip’), but has only just recently got XBL to be able to share his runs with the world. He brings us the first Easy difficulty run on New Alexandria. At just 7 minutes 52 seconds, it is also the fastest run of the level, but he assures us he can do better!

In his own words:

I was hanging around a bit too long after the hospital so i could shave a least 20 seconds more off.

Still not a bad time though.

~ cyph9r

Not bad indeed!

Halo: Reach New Alexandria Easy in 7:52 by cyph9r

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